MagNews – Prestashop Connector

Integration between MagNews and Prestashop to enhance your ecommerce with the Email Marketing

The integration between your Prestashop ecommerce system and your email marketing platform MagNews can implement automated and highly customized emails plans, to support e-commerce sales.
It also allows an easier management of your databases and products catalog, which are synchronized and available on the two systems, which become interconnected.

The basic version of MagNews – PrestaShop integration is free.

What can you do?

  • Implementation of E-mail marketing strategies (e.g. management of abandoned cart and strategies built on RFM fields – Recency Frequency Monetary) based on the e-commerce behaviour;
  • Synchronize your contacts;
  • Select homogeneous clusters on MagNews quickly, based on the e-commerce behaviour, like “He hasn’t buy in the last 30 days”, to which you will send the newsletter;
  • Direct access to products catalog from MagNews graphic editor for the automatic composition of the newsletter;
  • Customizable responsive templates;
  • Support of “multi-store” mode;
  • Custom mapping of fields, and simplified management through monitoring board;
  • Possibility to configure independently or with MagNews’ team support;
  • Free Customer Care service, that provides a quick resolution to any problems relating to MagNews;
  • Development of customized solutions